On Being Flexible

I finished up week two of Cross Fit this morning, meaning four weeks and 12 classes to go. Not that I'm counting, but really I am because these classes are hard! There was one element, called body crossovers, that I simply could not do this morning. I wanted to do them, and my mind was there, but my body would simply. not. cooperate. I gave them everything I had, but when I realized it wasn't going to happen, period, I switched over to a similar move I could do, and marked them off as something to grow into in future classes. We did a series of high intensity intervals, which I both loved and hated it at the same time, if that makes sense. These classes are showing both my strengths (primarily my cardio capacity) and my weaknesses (pretty much everything else!), but I am definitely seeing growth in my areas of weakness already. And although I'm depleted upon leaving class, I'm not wasted, which is definitely how I felt after the first class I attended. So, forward momentum being accomplished even while mastery is far off in the future.

Next up on my Renew (of body) list is Yoga, with Monday being the day I attend my first class. I'm excited in that flexibility was the other element I wanted to focus on in addition to strength training.

A bit of chaos around here again this morning in that my landscaper, who did eventually show up on Thursday, neglected to let me know an enormous trash bin would be dropped off at our house this morning. It caused some excitement as I returned from Cross Fit and realized the truck was backing the trash bin onto our driveway, which was supposed to be kept clear for a whole lot of rocks that were being delivered on Monday.

I know it sounds like my landscaper is a flake, but he's really not, he's really more of a magician in what he can do with a yard, and his customers, many of them repeats, just learn to be flexible. 'Being flexible' has never really my thing, hence why it's something I continue to work at.

The photo below is somewhat similar to what we're hoping our long, shallow backyard slope will look like when the rocks and plants all go down, though reversed with the rocks along the top of the slope, and the plantings along the bottom. I pulled this from Houzz.com, which along with Pinterest, is a great place to find remodeling and re-landscaping inspiration photos.

We're also replacing our lawn with artificial turf, and putting everything else onto a drip system. Once done, we should see a permanent drop in our water bill, which we're looking forward too. But of greater significance is being able to easily maintain our backyard versus now, where even with a gardening service I find myself overwhelmed by the amount of upkeep. With the new backyard layout, it should become another outside space we can enjoy, rather than seeing it as an unending chore.

My thought is that we'll enjoy the new backyard for as long as we remain in this home, while making it appealing for new buyers in that it will be drought friendly, low maintenance, and attractive to look at. I know that my spouse is secretly hoping all of our recent upgrades will keep me satisfied to remain where we currently are, but I'm still very much focused on moving to within a couple of miles of the ocean in the next couple of years. In my mind's eye I see us taking daily walks to the beach and back, and I'm nowhere near close to being ready to give that up. Plus, just the other day I was speaking to a gal that lives near the areas I'm/we're interested in, and she said that both UCIrvine and Saddleback College have outstanding Lifelong Learning programs, which is one of the key elements keeping us in our current community. So, that was great to hear.

Plans and Goals for Today
Attend Cross Fit class.
Eat mindfully.
Finalize plans for our S. Carolina trip.
Clean/vacuum all the floors.
Do 60 minutes of Spanish work.
Read 10% of Book Club read, The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien
Complete ironing.
Make dessert for Super Bowl Sunday gathering.
Clean out last remaining drawer in my office. Woot!
Enjoy dinner out tonight, then attend a Stage Talk and Pacific Symphony performance program titled Scottish Fantasy.  


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