Hello February, and 2017 Word Update

Many successes in January, and yet, much heartbreak as well. To get the heartbreak out of the way first, I'll only say that who I thought we were as a nation is very clearly wrong. In actuality, I first was confronted with this in the summer of 2014, when my spouse and I spent a total of four months traveling the USA in our RV. We embarked on this trip with rose colored glasses, and returned without them, troubled to our core by the hatred and intolerance toward 'those' people we'd bumped up against over and over again during our travels throughout a total of 12 western states. Perhaps because we were white and drove a Jeep, it was presumed we felt the same and would understand, but the more we heard the less we did. So, as deeply depressed as I am about what has occurred since the new president took office earlier this month, I cannot say that I am surprised even while being utterly dismayed that it took the form of the Republican candidate for president that it did. Financial, yes, we'll likely be considerably better off with this president in that our portfolio will go up and our non-subsidized health premiums go down, but that is not the issue for either one of us. The issue is our humanity as a nation, or rather, our lack of humanity, in turning away already-vetted refugees. We hold onto hope that the executive order turns out be deemed non-constitutional, and is overturned. In the meantime, we are doing what we can to direct funding to organizations that are attempting to help these people.

But to return to the successes - I did have a good January, implementing many things that live up to my word for the year, Renew.

We continue to attend services at the Unitarian Congregation, where I continue to be spiritually uplifted. My experience to date has been that this organization strives to uphold human rights of every flavor, color and size, and it's consistent message of love is a salve to my much troubled soul. The people of this congregation appear to walk their talk, but I am still at a point of taking baby steps. Forward progression all the same, and I understand I need to go at my own pace if I wish to continue obtaining momentum.

I also signed up for a six week boot camp that meets each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Already, at four sessions in, I've experienced much renewal. The first session was so tough it almost whooped me, and in fact my spouse said my face was white when I got home, But by the third session my fighting spirit began to kick in, and I went from being dead last to being solidly in the middle. (I think my pretty solid cardio conditioning helped as well). Yesterday, my fourth session, I was in the top third, completion and time wise, and I had an absolute ball with it all. So even as my quads and thighs are yelling at me for what I did to them yesterday, I'm loving it, and feeling much closer to my 'old' self than I have in years.

And finally, our house is looking great! All the new flooring is now in, excepting my husband's office, which is on hold for a few more weeks pending the installation of new office cabinetry before being refloored in hardwood. Our new front yard patio furniture arrived, and we love it, particularly the new propane firepit table. It's so cozy to light up at night, and being that this is S. California, there's rarely a night too cold to sit outside for a bit. I finally found a vendor that can make coverings for our family room sliding glass patio door that are right for the room, both style and price wise, and my backyard soft scaping redesign begins tomorrow, finally, after many, many months of waiting for our landscaper to fit us into his schedule.

Here are some photos of what's been completed thus far:

Newly re-tiled raised marble entry to the right, newly re-floored living room to the left.
Newly re-floored dining room. I already had the rug. :-)

Newly re-floored kitchen, including the newly re-finished kitchen island, which
now matches my new cream cabinets. Love!

Our beautifully bricked new front yard patio, with it's new Ballard Design
patio furniture. The propane firepit table is from TK Classics, and it works great!

Plans and Goals for Today
Menu planning and grocery shopping.
Sixty minutes of cardio at the gym while also reading this month's book club selection, The Things They Carried.
Sixty minutes of Spanish study.
Airfare, car rental and VRBO reservations for our upcoming S. Carolina trip.
Attend Line Dancing class at our Lifelong Learning program.
Enter text from one our our 2016 vacations into our private family blog.


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