Rain . . . Again!

And yet another rainy day, which though it holds up completion of my backyard landscaping project, bodes so, so well for the end of California's multi year drought. So yeah for that, for sure.

My poor landscaper is clearly looking for some way to keep his projects moving forward in spite of the wet conditions. This morning he sent two of his crew over to clear and level our slope in preparation for rock and plant placement. They are working in mud boots, and traversing my yard via long wooden boards to avoid the worst of the mud. It's quite the scene out there!

In that the mud (formerly known as my lawn) is completely contained within concrete and block retaining walls, and in that my actually home is completely protected/surrounded by concrete sidewalks and a patio, I'm finding myself more and more amused at the vast sea of mud. The last time we experienced rain like this was twenty years ago in 1997. And we are actually faring quite well, much better than some of our neighbors. During the massive deluge (massive for us at least!) that occurred two weeks ago, all of our yard drains and rain gutters performed admirably. We experienced virtually no standing water, and as I did a property walk during the worst of the storm, I was pleased/amazed to see the impressive volume of water gushing out of our curbside drain exits and into the street gutters, testament to how well our systems were performing. Several of our neighbors, however, apparently didn't have adequate drains or rain gutters installed, and had to make mid-storm dashes to the hardware store in order to secure water pumps. No one experienced any actual water seepage into their homes to the best of my knowledge, but several said it was close.

So even as this storm is leaving the area, another is set to arrive by the end of next week. Nicely, thankfully, we'll have several days of sun and warm temps in between the two systems to assist in drying things out. It's unlikely my yard will be dried and prepped in time for artificial turf to go in before the next storm arrives, but I may get my rocks in place, and any progress is much appreciated at this point.

On paper it was really such a simple job - some rocks, some plants, some artificial turf. Who would have figured on this becoming the year of the never ending rains?

But all the more sweeter once it's finally complete. And, really, may all my problems be this insignificant.

Plans and Goals for Today
Clean kitchen.
Do touch up painting in the bedrooms that had carpet laid.
Do touch up painting along the stairway.
Finish Book Club read of The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien.
Dinner out somewhere fast casual before attending Pacific Symphony pops concert featuring Michael Bolton. So excited for this . . . I heart Michael Bolton!


  1. Hope you enjoyed the concert! My DIL used to work for the Pacific Symphony but we never attended a concert there. Now they are in Berkeley and fighting ever moving roof leaks so you are indeed fortunate that all drains worked well.

    1. The concert was so wonderful! Michael Bolton had his own band on stage, so with the Symphony included, it was an incredible combination of instrumentality. How interesting/wonderful that your DIL was involved with the Symphony! We so enjoy attending their concerts. It's an easy 20 minute drive to get there from where we live.


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