Acai Bowls at Home

A friend introduced me to acai bowls about a year ago, after we'd completed a long hike and were looking for some sustenance. I had no idea what actually went into an acai bowl, but I'd been hearing about their health benefits for some time, and so was open to giving one a try. When we got to the place that sold them, I admit I was a bit shocked at the price, about $8.00 per bowl. I'd been thinking they were kind of like a thick smoothie up to that point, and $8.00 for a smoothie seemed like A LOT. Particularly in that I make smoothies all the time at home for under a dollar.

Once they were brought out to us, however, and I had my first spoonful, I fell head over in love. For me, they were the perfect food - they looked and tasted a bit like frozen yogurt, were high in protein, and low in sugar. The last being most unlike frozen yogurt(!).

At $8.00 per, however, it wasn't something I was interested in adding to my list of life norms. So, I came home and did a little research, and then a little testing, and came up with an easy at-home recipe to make them for about $1.10 per bowl. And at that price, I could justify making them a regular part of my diet. Which I now happily do on an almost daily basis.

The most expensive element of an acai bowl is the acai. This bag runs $18.99 at Sprouts normally, though I've been fortunate on occasion to find them on sale for less. A single bag will make approximately 30 acai bowls, which averages out to about 63 cents a bowl.

Other than the acai powder, however, everything else that goes in to the bowl is very inexpensive.

Here's the recipe I devised after trying several I felt were too complicated:

My Daily Acai Bowl

1 1/2 teaspoons of acai powder
1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk
1/4 cup of unsweetened Greek yogurt
1 whole frozen banana, cut into chunks
5-6 frozen strawberries

I blend the above in my blender, first on my ice cube setting, then on my high setting for 30 or so seconds after that. It is thick in my blender at that point, but smooth.

I scoop it out into a bowl, then top it with 1/4 cup of granola. It tastes so, so good, and takes a bit of time to eat/enjoy, which is another terrific attribute of acai bowls. And of course, they are oh-so healthy to boot.

In calculating calories, I came up with about 325 calories per bowl, and one will carry me all the way up to lunch without problem.

Busy day today!

Plans and Goals for Today
Four mile run
Trip to Norton Simon Art Museum with my Art Alliance Group
Dinner at home
Evening meeting with my UUCF Chalice Circle


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