Sunday Update

A flurry of social and entertaining events have us on the run this weekend. What's been keeping us busy:

- Breakfast meeting with a speaker yesterday. Topic was tips on maintaining a loving marriage. One can never get too much of this I think, no matter how long or solid one's marriage or primary relationship might be.
- Dinner and auction event with our UC community. The auction was so much fun! Most of the items involved entertainment events put on by the congregation. Things like themed dinners, themed dance parties, henna parties, photography parties, lecture parties. We purchased tickets to a Middle Eastern themed dinner, a Broadway sing-along buffet, a bourbon and scotch tasting party, a meditation session, and tickets to see the LA Philharmonic perform at the Disney Concert Hall. A pretty diverse group of events!
- UC Sunday services this morning, followed by lunch at a new restaurant in downtown Santa Ana, then a showing of the much-buzzed-about movie LaLa Land.

All good, but the house is beginning to look a bit haphazard, so Monday will be tagged as a 'work day' in order to get things back into shape. I do love that we can play all weekend in retirement, and push the more mundane parts of life to mid week.


What I'm . . . 

Reading: The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck. Big Steinbeck fan here, however so far this book isn't doing it for me, but because it's a Book Club read, I'm committed to finishing it. I'm only about 15% in, so hoping it will get better as I move further along.

Listening To: Sia, because my granddaughter loves, loves, loves dancing to her music, and dancing with my granddaughter, even via Skype, is something I love.

Doing Currently: Gearing up energy to go straighten my kitchen before leaving for Sunday services. I miss my husband being able to do the dishes more than I can say! He has four weeks left to go of his arm being in a sling and it can't get here soon enough. (Our normal routine is that I do all the cooking, he does all the cleanup.)

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Week: Possible completion of my backyard. Can't wait to share photos!


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