The Day After New Years

There is a long standing tradition that the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl are never held on New Years Day Sunday, and since that's what yesterday was, we are watching both today, Monday. It's been nice to spread the holiday over a full three days this year - NYE party, NY Day Brunch, and now a Day-after visit from our oldest daughter to watch the Rose Parade and Bowl while enjoying lots of good food. I made waffles and eggs for breakfast, we ate leftover ham and potato au gratin for lunch, and dinner is Slow cooker short rib goulash, which will hopefully taste as good as it is now smelling. Seriously divine aroma currently emanating from the kitchen.

Photo of short rib goulash with butternut squash.
Credit: Better Homes & Garden
Otherwise, today is going to be pretty laid back. I'm avoiding my house at the moment, vs the puttering around dusting and re-arranging I normally engage in, in that we have another round of upheaval scheduled to begin in a two weeks when the existing older hardwood floors are removed and replaced with hardwood that exactly matches the new wood. The minute the stain went on the old wood, as we attempted to do a matching refinish to the new wood, I knew I wasn't going to be able to live with it. I suffered through a day of trying to reconcile myself with the different hues, given we'd just paid $2,000 to get them redone, but ultimately decided that life is too short not to love my home. Instead I spent a morning fiddling around with our 2017 Budget and ending up deciding to reduce our 2017 Travel budget by an amount equal to the cost of the additional flooring, which really wasn't too big of a sacrifice given that we're still recovering from all of the international traveling we did last year. We'll still travel a good chunk of 2017, but it will be more car-RV-family than air-hotel-tour.

I feel very thankful to have the resources we do to maintain and upgrade our home.

It was so nice to spend time with my neighbors yesterday. Most of us met when our children were in elementary school, and now many of us are grandparents. Time is passing, yet often it's only when I notice other people aging that it hits me. And I wonder, do they think the same about me? Likely they do, of course.

And I should add that while I didn't add 'Lose 10 pounds' to my list of resolutions for 2017, it's there in my mind nonetheless. These are strictly vanity pounds, as my BMI is a healthy 23.0 based on my current gender/weight/height data. However, I simply feel better in my clothes when I'm in the high teen's/low 20's vs my current weight of 130. Trying hard not to obsess about it, but rather to simply lean in and focus on daily exercise and healthy eating. I find that if I keep processed sugar at arm's length, everything else seems to fall into place, so I'm optimistic that this will be the year getting back to 120 'takes.'

Plans and Goals for Today
Eat consciously.
Research drapery options for famiy room.
Work on Spanish during Rose Bowl.
Enjoy day with daughter, and practice unconditional love while doing so.
Quick 20 minute yoga session in PM, after Rose Bowl.


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