Our Curtailed 2017 Travel Plans

Just some of the places we visited in 2016
As I indicated in yesterday's post, our travel plans for 2017 reflect a significantly smaller budget than we had in 2016. The reason for the offset is to direct additional funds toward a series of remodeling jobs we have lined up - more new hardware flooring, new carpeting, new office build, new guest bath vanity, new window coverings in our family room, and a total remodel of our backyard. We'll also be purchasing patio furniture and a gas fire pit for our new front yard patio, and having one of our two offices stripped of wallpaper and repainted. Once this is all completed by late March, we look forward to doing a lot of entertaining.

In looking at what we've got plotted out already for 2017, I'm satisfied that we will get a considerable amount of bang for our reduced travel bucks. Here's what has been planned to date:

Palm Springs International Film Festival (9 days) - RV Park accommodations
Home overseeing remodeling remainder of the month

Home overseeing remodeling

Home overseeing remodeling

Tour of the South (30 days) - VRBO rental in Kiawah Island, South Carolina with the family, then a series of VRBO's visiting Charleston, SC, Wilmington, NC, Richmond, VA, and Fredericksburg, VA, before heading back to our daughter and SIL's to spend another few days with them and our granddaughter before returning home.

Coastal California and Wine Country (14 days) - RV Park and State Park accommodations

Host my father for a week in our 'new' home

Virginia to spend a week with our granddaughter
Mammoth Lakes (7 days) - RV Park accommodations

Southern California and Wine Country (10 days) - RV Park and State Park accommodations
Northern California and Wine Country, plus backpacking (21 days) - RV Park and State Park accommodations

Tour of the Northeast (30 days) - We'll first visit our our granddaughter in Virginia, then head off to Shenandoah National Park, followed by Gettysburg, the Amish Country, and Philadelphia before circling back to Virginia to see our granddaughter again before returning home.

Texas for family Thanksgiving (7 days)

Virginia for family Christmas (7 days)

So even with our curtailed 2017 Travel funding, we're still looking at a minimum of 140 travel days, which should be more than enough to keep this travel addict satisfied. Come 2018 we expect to be back to our more normal pace of six months traveling/six months home that we've maintained since retiring six years ago. Already plotted out are trips to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, a fall cruise to New England and Canada, and a long RV trip through Utah and Colorado. I'm looking forward to the process of planning all of these out well in advance of their arrival, another project that should help placate my ongoing travel-itch.

Plans and Goals for Today
Visit gym for biking and strength training.
Eat consciously.
Meet with backyard landscaper.
Purchase State Park Annual Pass as gifted to our oldest daughter for Christmas (by waiting until today, it will give her an additional 30 days into 2018 'free').
Complete Spanish homework for tonight's tutorial(!)
Cancel currently scheduled fall cruise to New England (opted instead for additional new flooring :-)
Begin planning upcoming spring travel.


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