On Chocolate Chips

A rather funky day yesterday, the result of waking up at 3:15 AM for the fourth (fifth? sixth?) day in a row. The early wake ups don't affect my morning routine much, but somewhere around noon I just start crashing. I took two mini-naps over the day yesterday, but managed to stay awake until 8:30 PM thanks to my Tuesday evening Spanish lesson. I use Skype to have weekly one-on-one lesson with my instructor, who is based in Mexico, and aside from the technology that allows me to do so being freaking amazing, I am learning at an acceptable, steadily-forward rate; my brain is no longer young . . . it absorbs new data s l o w l y. Plus the lessons have the added bonus of being stimulating enough to keep me awake for a couple of hours afterward.

It was a good session. I spoke primarily in Spanish, though certainly not without errors, and understood the majority of my instructor's Spanish responses. We covered an error of ongoing confusion - reflexive verbs vs indirect object prounouns vs direct object pronouns. Much work still needed, but a glimmer of understanding is beginning.

Otherwise, my morning workout was great. I did a solid 60 minutes on the stationary bike, finishing 10% of our Book Club read as I did so (e-reader user here - we 'speak' in percentages rather than pages). We're reading Huckleberry Finn, and though I'm not quite the Mark Twain fan I was before reading his agonizingly-longwinded autobiography, Roughing It, I am actually much enjoying this delightful book, long regarded as one of the great American novels along with F.Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. In that Huckleberry Finn is chock full of troubling racial stereotypes in addition to terrific storytelling, I'm anticipating a robust discussion when the club meets in a couple of weeks.

I also started on another book, The Third Reconstruction by the Reverand Dr. William J Barber II. I picked this book up at the Unitarian Congregation (UC) service we attended this past Sunday. The book jacket gives a subdescription of the title as being about a 21st Century moral movement to overcome the politics of division and fear. In that I both personally, and via my book club, have read a good number of fiction and non-fiction books about slavery and black suppression in the USA, I'm intrigued and looking forward to the ensuing discussion that will be conducted by the UC in February.

Oh, and I stumbled across a crazy deal at the supermarket - 10 oz bags of Hershey's baking chips marked down to 25 cents. So I bought $6.00 worth, and now have 24 bags of them stacked in my pantry. Can you say 'obsessive?' I do plan to give more than a few of them away to family and friends though, so there's that.

Plans and Goals for Today
Menu planning.
Move New England Cruise from 2017 to 2018.
Meet with landscaper.
Walk 8 miles with my husband.
Lunch together somewhere fast casual afterward.
Grocery Shopping.
Begin Spring trip planning.
Finish ironing.
Attend Line Dancing Class.
Read Book Club & Upcoming UC Lecture selections.


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