My Word for 2017

Back at the beginning of 2016 I selected the word "Seek" as my inspiration for the year. I could feel myself shrinking back from life just a bit as a result of the mid-life physical changes my body was going through, and I wanted to push back out into the world by seeking new adventures and opportunities. Based on yesterday's post, I think I did a pretty good job, so I'm giving myself an 'A' for 2016.

This year, a bit in line with where I was at the beginning of 2016, my word for 2017 is Renew. Mid-life is here, my body and energy levels are changing, and now more than ever I need to nurture myself and make kind choices to ensure this next chapter of life is as vibrant as the first half has been. So this year I will be making choices to Renew my life. I received a gift card from my dear husband for a nearby Yoga studio, and that will make for a terrific start to the year. And I will be committing to doing strength training after a five-year hiatus. With the cardio well covered already, adding stretching and strength training will be renewing gifts to myself.

I will also make an effort to renew old friendships, as well as to continue to invest in those currently going strong. As I get older and I see people begin to pass away, as my children get older and continue to build vibrant lives that don't always center around Mom and Dad, and as my granddaughter hits her whirlwind two's and three's, now is the time to invest as much energy as I possibly can in all three elements.

And finally, I want to renew the spiritual side of my life. While I do have certain books that tap into that side of my life, I woke up a few weeks back wanting to find a community of others to journey with. The challenge is to find the right kind of group - one that is all inclusive, and that recognizes there are many paths toward enlightenment, not just one. So, based on a speaker I heard some years back at our Lifelong Learning Program, my husband and I will be attending services for the first time this morning at a Unitarian Congregation in our community. I've no idea what to expect, so I think I'm approaching this with as open a mind as possible.

Plans and Goals for Today
Start laundry.
Clean microwave.
Do 45 minutes of cycling at the gym.
Attend Unitarian services.
Prepare potato au gratin dish for a New Years Day brunch we're attending.
Come to the above brunch with an open and kind heart.
Make Parmesan minestrone soup and watch the Green Bay Packers football game via Sling when we return.
Set come up to cancel Sling, since we'll be watching the above game via their 14-day free trial.
Work on Spanish homework during football game.


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