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Well, that was brief wasn't it? My excuse is that shortly after creating this blog we left on a series of trips that didn't stop until just this past weekend. So, now that those are behind us, I'm ready to try this again . . .

We are in the midst of home remodeling upheaval, and I'm feeling at loose ends as a result of not having a quiet, scenic place to land. Only when we are in the midst of having something done to the house, do I realize how much my normally-lovely home means to me. I love keeping it tidy, caring for my display items, looking for interesting art to hang, changing out the decor, and prepping for entertaining, particular at this time of year. Not being able to do those things creates a sense of having no place to land, a very uncomfortable thing for me to deal with. The good news, however, is that the bulk of the work will be completed by next weekend, at which point I will have a gorgeous new marble tile entry and equally gorgeous new wood floors throught the rest of the home's common living areas and hallways, including the kitchen. Re-nesting is something I much enjoy, so next weekend is going to be great, and involve a good amount of celebratory wine I'm quite sure.

What I'm . . . 

Reading:  Breath, Eyes, Memory, by Edwidge Danticat, a Book Club read rather than something I'd select on my own. Ms. Danticat has a beautiful, authentic voice as she writes about her native Haiti, but the book is not without flaws. Still, I have enjoyed reading it, and look forward to what is sure to be a robust discussion at our meeting tomorrow night.

Watching: Spectre, the lastest James Bond release. Entirely predictable, with the expected car chases, in-the-air chases and breathless females, but still entertaining enough to keep me awake for it's long 2 1/2 hours of run time. Although I'd have been irked if we'd had to pay to see such relative drivle, I did not mind watching it for free.

Cooking/Baking: I made a gorgeous, fragrant vegetable tangine stew for dinner last night, which I'm looking forward to enjoying again shortly for lunch. And after sitting overnight in the refridgerator, I'm thinking it's going to even better today.

Fearing: The growing cold sensitivity around one of my molars. Worried yet another root canal is in my future . . .

Happy About: Mia, our granddaughter now being old enough to Skype with us on her own on Mama's iPhone. This morning Mia 'carried' us through the house as we asked her about her various toys and activities. Watching her struggle to turn the phone in the correct direction to show us things in her world was precious and priceless. She cried when it came time to say goodbye, which we see as being both bad and good. :-(

Happy I Accomplished: Painting the 1/4" rounds for our upcoming flooring project. By ignoring the monotony of painting out over 100 ft of the stuff, it will prevent the much harder job of painting it after installation. Or not, and living with the slight color differential between it's original stark white and the softer Swiss Coffee white of our current baseboards until we get around to having the bottom level of our home repainted.

Looking Forward To: Having the flooring completed! Just a few more days to go . . .

Thankful For: Having the financial ability to create a beautiful home in which to reside.


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